Fun Film Facts

Both Joe Anderson (Elliot) and James Forgey (Tom) are exactly 5 ft 11 inches tall.

Ziggy (the Colorado receptionist) really does have abnormally large hands.

The director’s dog is called Finley.

The black Lincoln was bought on Ebay. It was originally white but we painted it black for the film.

Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard shut down the day after “The 27 Club” filmed there.

Muse was rehearsing inside the Viper Room as shooting took place outside.

When James (Tom) and Joe (Elliot) were singing on 3rd Street in Santa Monica, passers-by were giving them money, thinking they recognized the song from the radio!

Dierdre (expressionless receptionist) was not only a wonderful actress, but also the film’s Key Costumer!

Film still: Elliot at morgue with Tom

David Emrich (Three Words), Traci Dindwiddie (Catherine) and Jill Jackson (Tom’s mom) have been in all of Erica Dunton’s films.

The choir featured in the film are a real choir called “The Down by the Wayside Choir.” They travelled from their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, to appear in the film.

Kyle Luker, who plays Elliot’s manager in the film, is the real-life manager of Alexie Gilmore (Anna)!