Meet the Filmmakers

Chiara Trento, Producer

Chiara Trento is co-founder and executive producer of Bystander Films. After graduating from Georgetown University with a degree in International Business and Languages, Chiara wanted to pursue her passion for film.

Raised between Italy and Los Angeles, she was exposed to European cinema from an early age, piquing her interest in the art of movie making. Straight out of college, she landed a coveted position at Miramax in New York, working across all foreign and independent film acquisitions, including Oscar-winning titles such as “Amelie” and “City of God,” which she identified for the


company. Miramax then transferred her to London to spearhead the UK, Italian and Spanish acquisitions.

During her time at Miramax, Chiara has been fortunate enough to work directly with directors such as Fernando Meirelles, Martin Scorsese and the late Anthony Minghella. It was also in London where she met the young and talented director Erica Dunton. Chiara left Miramax UK in 2006 to pursue her career in production. Based in New York, she has been producing ‘The 27 Club’ with Erica Dunton as well as developing other feature film projects.

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