Meet the Filmmakers

Denver Hollingsworth, EPK & “Behind The Scenes” Director

Denver Hollingsworth is a young filmmaker who had the task of shooting behind the scenes footage for the “The 27 Club.” When he was thirteen, he made a short film that was shown in film festivals around Wilmington.

While showing his film in July 2006 in the area, he met Erica Dunton, who was also showing a short film. “A few months later, in September 2006, we had a meeting and she asked me to help her with her film. And so I began my work on the first feature film I was ever involved in.

“A few days out of the week, I would leave my school early and go to the film’s sets with my camera to film behind-the-scenes footage. I filmed many hours of footage, which included cast and crew interviews, hilarious skits, and whatever happened on the set.

“For about two months, I visited the set and learned much about the art of filmmaking: the ups, the downs (which, on this project, were few and far between), and the hilarious moments between the cast and crew members.

“All of the cast and crew were exceptionally nice and welcoming. Most were regularly involved in comical skits that I filmed specifically for my featurette.

“One day, my entire middle school got to be extras in a flashback sequence about a school dance. ‘The 27 Club’ opened up many opportunities for me, allowed me to meet many new people, and was an unforgettable experience.”

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