Meet the Filmmakers

Erica Dunton, Writer/Director

British Writer/Director Erica graduated with a Law degree and then went on to spend three years at the National Film and Television School, in Beaconsfield, UK. She has directed commercials, promos, shorts and features. Her short film “fe”, produced by Arcane Pictures, was very well received on the international film festival circuit, among them Edinburgh and Berlin festivals. She has made films in London, Africa, USA, China, Moscow and India. Her traveling has also allowed her passion for still photography to advance.

”Find Love”, her first experimental feature, was produced by Gill Holland and Matthew Parker, LaSalleHolland, (The Group Entertainment) in New York and is a twenty-four hour romance ride that captures that first butterfly of falling for someone. Variety’s John Anderson wrote, “Helmer Dunton comes close to defining the epiphany of erotic connection.” The film stars Alexie Gilmore (“Surfer Dude”, “New Amsterdam”) and Christian Camargo (“K19 The Widow Maker”, “The Hurt Locker”, “National Treasure”, “Dexter”) and Craig Sheffer (“A River Runs Through it”). It was mainly improvised and the actors were given a script that included only objectives and the bare minimum of stage directions of the scene. They were given dialogue that led them into the conversation and dialogue that led them out, but the main bulk of the conversations was found in workshops and character preparation that had been completed beforehand. “Find Love” won many awards, including Best Independent Vision at Sarasota Film Festival; Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Script at the DIBA Barcelona Film

Erica Dunton Festival; Best NC Feature at River Run Film Festival; and also Rising Star Award for Alexie Gilmore at Vail Film Festival. “Find Love” premiered at Slamdance ‘06 where Lionsgate’s Maple acquired the film for theatrical and DVD rights and the film was successfully released in 2007.

“The 27 Club” was shot all across America on 35mm film with anamorphic lenses and stars Joe Anderson (“Across The Universe”, “Traveling”, “The Ruins”, “Control”), David Emrich, James Forgey, Alexie Gilmore and Eve Hewson. It will have its world premiere at The Tribeca Film Festival 2008. Erica has written, directed and produced all of her films.

Erica is currently developing two feature scripts: “Indigo,” a psychological thriller that looks at false and repressed memory and the chilling story of a young woman finding out her life is not what she knows it to be, and “St. Peter’s List,” a dark and twisted supernatural thriller.

She is the daughter of celebrated cinematographer and camera technician Joe Dunton, BSC MBE and currently resides in London, England.

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