Lisa Mae and Craig Fincannon have worked with Dunton on all of her projects and some of the actors in “The 27 Club” have appeared in her previous films. Dunton met with Joe Anderson, a fellow Brit, in London. His musical film background with “Across the Universe” and “Control” fit perfectly into the character of Elliot and laid the groundwork for the beautiful performance that Anderson delivers.

David Emrich played Christian Camargo’s (“National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” “Dexter”) three-worded brother in Dunton’s film “find love.” The character generated so much interest from audiences on the festival circuit that Dunton was inspired to develop “Three Words.” Now a three-worded veteran, Emrich worked on his scenes with Dunton to perfect the dialogue and ensure its authentic and natural rhythm.

James Forgey was a local find. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Fincannons called him in for the role of Tom. In the audition, he played some of his own songs

and Dunton was immediately convinced that this was Elliot’s childhood friend. He wrote the lyrics; he was the voice of the music.

The super-talented and as Variety says “magnetic” Alexie Gilmore (“Surfer Dude”, “New Amsterdam”) was the lead in Erica’s previous feature “find love.” Kyle Luker studied acting in college but went on to become a manager, and represents Alexie in real life. An integral part of getting “find love” off the ground, he introduced Dunton to Gill Holland and Matt Parker at The Group Entertainment who came on board to produce the film with her after she lost funding. As a result, all involved are still working together and developing new projects. Dunton wrote the parts of Kyle and Ana specifically for Kyle and Alexie!

Film still: Stella, Three Words and Elliot at a gas station