Locations & Schedule

Pre-production and filming took place in Wilmington, NC, the home of many of the heads of departments and crew and also the location for Dunton’s two previous features, “Redmeansgo” and “find love.” Wilmington is a versatile city, offering many settings. The film shot there for four weeks, and then the cast and crew continued filming in LA—Hollywood and Santa Monica, 29 Palms, Joshua
Tree and Big Bear—and finally a smaller unit shot in New York. The total shooting schedule was six weeks.
Dunton led a small second unit crew to complete the drive back across the country. This is when the crew captured the beautiful landscape shots across America.


Dunton’s films all work within a very specific color palette. She has worked with Chad Keith (Production Designer) and Susan Oliver (Costume Supervisor) on all of her films. The three worked closely to create the world of “The 27 Club.” The 35mm anamorphic lenses lend themselves to a very unique composition which Dunton takes advantage of in every shot. Her father, Joe Dunton, designed some new lenses specifically for the film to create its look.

Three Words and Elliot taking a break by a passing train