Short Synopsis

After his best friend dies at age 27, a grieving rock star hires a grocery store clerk to drive him across America to the funeral. “The 27 Club” is a beautiful road movie about friendship and healing.


When you’re dead, you’re gone. You exist only in the minds of those you leave behind. You become a fragment of a story; a beginning, middle or end. Tom is dead. Elliot has been left behind. Tom was the front man of their successful band, Finn. He died on his 27th birthday. Elliot is left to decide if he, too, will join The 27 Club.

Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain also belong to this infamous club—they all died at age 27. As Tom and Elliot’s story is revealed, and the history of their lives unfolds, it becomes clear that it takes more than just a number to determine one’s fate. The perils of rock and roll fame often lay only on the surface of more deeply felt wounds.

Film still: Stella and Elliot

Elliot (JOE ANDERSON) is devastated, and in a desperate attempt to escape from all he knows, he hires a grocery store clerk (DAVID EMRICH) to drive him from Los Angeles to New York where Tom’s (JAMES FORGEY) funeral is to be held.

The fragmented memories inside Elliot’s head are beautifully juxtaposed against the ever-changing, anamorphic landscape as the unlikely pair travels across America together. When beautiful hitchhiker Stella (EVE HEWSON) joins them, Elliot’s healing begins.

Their cross-country journey and the relationship that develops between the three characters plays an integral role in Elliot’s recovery. “The 27 Club” captures not only the madness of grief but the resilience of the human spirit, and how even when one feels there is no hope, and that death has cruelly taken away a loved one, life will remain and she will replace that loss with a humanity that can touch even the most unreachable soul.

With a dream-like feel, “The 27 Club” allows for moments of pure innocence and laughter to lay comfortably next to darker scenes. Director Erica Dunton has crafted a film that has a unique visual style which leaves no doubt that she is one of the most promising new directors of her generation.